Modern bath room.
It is a place to heal the people of
the area even now and again.

The history of Yubara Hot Spring is old, I have healed people as a hot spring field since the late Yayoi era.
Also, “Tatara Ironmaking” began in the area of ​​Yubara, healing people engaged,I cuddled up and supported people living.
In Yubara Hot Spring, it was “YUYA” that made it as a new era of hot water.
Please feel the natural rich land of Yubara and its history with the modern healing place “YUYA”.

  • 別邸YUYA
  • 別邸YUYA
  • 別邸YUYA

Hot spa

Nationwide outdoor bath numbering, west yokozuna.
Source 100%.

Yubara Hot Spring was ranked in the Yokozuna in the west with “Outdoor bath numbering” in 1986.
Boasting abundant ejection volume of 3,120 liters per minute or more,
“Hanging sashimi” that can be done because it is Yuhara Onsen that springs just like hot spring water.
Please enjoy high quality hot water and enjoy it slowly.

※We can accept reserved bath room during the daytime and night time.

Spacious outdoor bath surrounded by rich nature. You can enjoy the changing seasons while watching the dam and the stars.

The hot spring quality:
expansive high-temperature alkaline hot spring

The hot spring temperature:
52 degrees centigrade

pH/potential of Hydrogen:

The effect:
Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Chronic dermatosis, Chronic digestive organ disease, Movement container obstacle of a chronic rheumatism bone or joint or hysteria, Insomnia, Hardening of artery and fatigue reduction


Chutered family bath “Hinoki no yu”. Bath with complete hanging with total cypress.
Every time you use, apply new hot water every time with direct connection from the hot water tank.
It is 3,500 yen (including tax) at 40 minute for charter. (Reservation required)


A famous waterfront selected as one of the 100 waterfalls,
a large public bath that imaged “Kanba Falls”
You can enjoy plenty of the beauty of Mimasaka Road.


Ceramic mural painted first at Japanese style Ryokan,
4 It brings the atmosphere of the public bath.



Guest room

A wonderful time to feel the warmth and fragrance of a tree
Please relax and enjoy yourself.

The room which used wood abundantly promises to relax.
All rooms are to be able to stay with pets.
The fragrance of young leaves that grows in the spring, the singing voice of the ear for the ear in the summer,
Autumn leaves of vivid trees in the eyes, and snowy scenery with an atmosphere in the winter.
Please forget your everyday and enjoy the relaxing time.



A dish is collected delicious local foods in Okayama north region.
Please enjoy a dish of chief chef which feels a season.

We use many local foodstuffs and cook for you.
Chief cook for best condition with fuudstuffs in seasons.
We serve a dish for your heart and health.

※Please be advised that our menu items change based on availability on the market


Commitment to the local foodstuffs

You can taste in “yuya” inn, Chiya beef from Niimi city,
Sweetfish in Asahigawa river, Gozenshu – Japanese Sake from Maniwa city,
Beer’s “Space Label Series”from sakushutsuyama.

Chiya beef

Japan’s oldest highest grade Kuroge Wagyu beef brand, Chiya beef.
Because I spare time on keeping it, the number of livestock production is very rare.
The “Chiya beef” growed up at North Ashin area is famous Kuroge Wagyu beef which win an excellent prize by 8th national tournament of Japanese Cattle.
“Vine cattle” which is said to be the roots of Matsusaka beef, Omi beef, and Kobe beef.
Including in the mouth, melting and melting frozen meat, characterized by soft and thick meat quality.
Once you talk to your mouth you think that you can think of unforgettable taste.
We buy great rank Chiya beef directly.
Please enjoy the taste and texture that you can not taste elsewhere.

The yield rank

The rate becomes so high that the percentage of the dressed carcass is big. (it’s high A-B-C, low). In other words, it’s said that they prefer the one to which even a cow of the same weight can pass a lot of meat.

The rank of quality of meat

The rank judge four elements, mixed fat, color, texture and quality of fat.
Finally the rank of quality meat is judged general elements.



The Asahigawa river is a famous river as clean.
Only a few fisherman know the good place for fishing.
Iwana which catched in Asahigawa river have good tasty, no peculiar smell.
Please enjoy steamed Iwana what keep to cook since foundation of Komeya.


The “Tsuji Honten” was established at Katsuyama in 1804.
They received the name “Gozenshu” for offering Japanese Sake to the king of Mimasaka-Katsuyama feudal domain.
That area is good for making Japanese Sake because of cold weather.
   The “Gozenshu” is maked out of Omachimai rice and groundwater at Asahigawa river.
The taste is dry and clearly.
We also serve “Space Beer” as Tsuyama beer which made in Sakushu area by Tagohonke Brewery Products.
It’s special to drink under the starry sky in Yuhara.
We also serve Hiruzen wine made by crimson glory vine in Hiruzen highland.



How to the way

We can accept shuttle service from Okayama station,
Osaka station, Hiroshima station and Shikoku island.

Streets with the old town layout give you healing.
You should use a car or express bus for coming our inn.

It is about 90 minites from Okayama via Okayama expressway and Yonago expressway.
It is about 60 minites from Okayama airport.
Please set car navigation system to address, and take care for your driving.

  • 岡山市内から
  • 岡山空港から
  • 大阪から

It is about 2 hours 40 minites from Okayama,
about 3 hours from Osaka, about 3 hours and half from Hiroshima.
We will pick you up at Yubara Hot Spring bus stops.

  • 岡山市内から
  • 大阪から
  • 広島から

It takes about 2 hours from Okayama, about 3 hours from Osaka,
about 3 hours from Hiroshima by train.
Please enjoy slowly local train.

  • 岡山市内から
  • 大阪から
  • 広島から

All rooms can stay with pets

Pet is also an important family.
I would like to travel together and want to make the best memories.
We can stay with all the pets so that we can make such customer’s feeling reality.
I will produce the best memories I have with my family.



Free pick you up from/to Okayama station

Yubara Hot Spring is located in north area of Okayama,
it is not easy to access, but visitor can satisfy nature.
We are thinking that more visitor should enjoy our inn and Yubara hot spa,
we pick you up free from/to Okayama station west gate.
If it is snow day, do not need hesitate. Please book now.


We will pick you up by “Omotenashi Hot Spa Resort Liner” bus.